"Reading should be an indulgence." 

People know what they want. By searching for patterns, they determine whether something is worth their time. 

Books can be difficult to gauge. Reviews are limited, summaries are purposely vague- it's a gamble every time you open a cover. What if the main character annoys me? What if my favorite character dies?  While the summary sounds good, what if the plot drags for half the book? 

Despite all other media evolving to find the answer to this problem, finding a good story remains needlessly difficult. Why risk the investment of time and money based on a short blurb?

Our mission is dedicated to you, the modern reader. 

Here at Tropes Publishing House, we're not looking for the next literary classic. Our goal isn't to win book awards or create epic novel series. Our goal is to deliver the sensational stories to the reader who has few precious moments of peace in their hectic life. We want to recreate the feeling of excitement for a new story and the anticipation of the next page, knowing that the story will contain elements you love. 

We have achieved this through some simple, yet highly effective, ideas. 

And to you, the modern writer. 

We want highly saturated stories with low word counts and high impact.  Our mission is to provide:

  • a place for seasoned authors to showcase their shorter works that don’t fit into full publications.
  • a stepping stone into the world of publication for newer writers, and help them cultivate their personal style.